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    Charcoal Extrude Machine

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    Scope of application:This kind machine not only can accept coal powder,but also charcoal powder coconut shell powder and so on.

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    Charcoal Extrude Machine Product Description
    Charcoal Extrude Machine

    Charcoal Extrude Machine is the briquette machinery,which using the principle of screw extrusion to compress the coal powder into a predeter mined shape with a certain intensity.
    After the coal powder poured into machine chamber,it bears tremendous pressure.With the help of all kinds of shaped molds,it will be shaped into certain shapes.Now, our factory has developed and researched double-head and four-head coal extruder.It not only improve production capacity largely,but also give the buyers more choices.
    This kind machine not only can accept coal powder,but also charcoal powder coconut shell powder and so on.


    Finished Product
    We provide with various shapes such as finger shape, cube shape, strip shape, hexagon shape, etc.
    Charcoal Extrude Machine

    Product Advantages

    The requirement for material
    Size: less than 3mm;
    Moisture: 10-14 is best moisture for briquette making on briquette extruder. Of course, you can make the briquette with other moisture, but there are disadvantages, with low moisture, the friction will be bigger which makes the briquette output slower, the briquette with high moisture will be softer and takes more time to dry.
    Charcoal Extrude Machine

    Product Choice

    Charcoal Extrude Machine

    Why choose an extrusion briquette maker rather than a roller briquette press machine

    Extrusion briquette maker and roller briquette press machine are the most popular briquette machine in industry coal making. So when should you choose the briquette extruder on building a big plant making coal briquette? The advantages of briquette extruder are as follow:
    1. high density and strength (strength is for the fresh briquette)
    Extrusion briquette maker is a kind of screw briquette machine makes high pressure than the roller briquette machine, the common pressure of briquette extruder is 35 MPa, but on roller briquette machine, the pressure only have 20-30 MPa, and another reason for this advantage is material briquetting time, the material will stay much longer in briquette extruder (the output speed for briquette normally is 20-40 mm/s ) by which makes the briquette compacter.
    2. The low proportion of binder requirement;
    It’s also a benefit from the higher pressure. We will need less binder on briquetting. For example, when we briquette coal with humic acid sodium as the binder, we usually need to add 5% as the binder on roller briquette plant, but we only need 1.5% – 3% on the briquette extruder plant.
    3. Low moisture after briquette
    As the high pressure and friction between the raw material and the machine, there comes lots of heat on briquette process, the temperature makes the briquette moisture down with 2-3 percents after briquetting.
    4. Small space requirement
    An extrusion briquette maker is much smaller than the roller briquette machine. Which help you to save a lot of space.
    5. Easy to operate and use
    The moisture of the raw material for extrusion briquette maker is not that strict with roller briquette machine, you can make briquette with a high range of moisture, but in order to make high-quality briquette, you’d better find the most suitable moisture.

    Production Process
    Charcoal Extrude Machine
    Let’s introduce the machines and functions:
    Crush :If your material is too big (more than 3mm), normally you need to crush it first.
    Mix: Briquette extruder process is a binder briquette process, to well mix the binder with the material, you need to add a mixer.
    Briquette: Using the briquette extruder to make the briquette.
    Drying: You can build a drying house to dry the briquette if you only take small capacity, for fast drying, we advise you to take a dryer.

    Relative Devices
    Charcoal Extrude Machine

    Our Service
    We are a professional charcoal machine manufacturer in China. We have more than 20 years of experience in
    manufacturing charcoal machines. We can provide you with the following services:
    1. We will provide you with all wearing parts of the equipment for whole life, and give you the best factory price.
    2. After the ship leaves the loading port, when we receive the bill of lading, we will send you the proforma invoice, packing
    list, certificate of origin and other related documents together for your customs clearance.
    3. Before the equipment is shipped, we will test the machine. After loading the machine into the container, we can send
    the loading picture to you.
    4. We have long-term cooperation with many famous freight forwarder companies. We also provide CE, ISO9001, CO, Form E, COC, CIQ
    and other certifications to help customers from different countries to clear customs.
    5. We send engineers to your working site to help you install and debug equipment, build factories and train operators, At the same time, the charcoal production technology will be passed on to customers.



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