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    Rotary Drum Dryer

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    Drum Dryer Furnace Product Description
    Rotary Drum Dryer
    Rotary dryers are used to dry small, powdery or granular wet materials such as clover, wood chips, wood chips, beer waste, sand, mineral dust, agricultural waste, etc.The raw material is transported by the scraper conveyor to the inside of the rotary dryer.and the front is equipped with a hot blast stove. The generated hot air enters the dryer by the fire separating device, and the material is dispersed by the low-speed rotation and bending plate.so that the high-temperature airflow passes through the material and make heat exchange, the rotary dryer has a certain angle of inclination, and sufficient air volume to drive the material forward.Finally, the dried material is discharged from the discharge port.Rotary drum dryer Large processing capacity, the maximum processing capacity of reach tens of tons, and the maximum precipitation can reach 85-10%.

    Raw materials and Finished product
    Large range of adaptability, in addition to being used for drying straw, it can also be used for a variety of materials with poor scattering and large precipitation, such as alcohol grain, forage grass, apple slag, fresh bean dregs, compound fertilizer.
    Rotary Drum Dryer

    Product Advantages
    Rotary Drum Dryer

    Charcoal machine production line

    Rotary Drum Dryer
    If your raw material is biomass wood sawdust, there are several steps to make briquettes:
    1. The frist step is crush biomass wood sawdust become small size, less than 3mm.
    2. The second step is dry raw biomass wood sawdust, in order to reduce the moisture less
    than 12%.
    3. The third step is use press machine produce briquette.
    4. The fourth step is carbonize briquette become charcoal.
    Click the picture to view all the parameters and detailed introduction of the hoisting carbonization furnace production line.
    Rotary Drum Dryer

    If your raw material is Toner, there are several steps to make briquettes:
    1. Shredder machine:If your raw material is wood log, coconut shell they need cut into small pieces before drying.
    2. Rotary dryer/Air flow dryer: if you raw material moisture higher 30%, before carbonizing it need to dry.
    3. Continuous carbonization furnace: carbonizng the raw material into charcoal.
    4. Charcoal crusher:crusher the charcoal into less than 5mm powder.(Choose configuration)
    5. Charcoal and binder mixer: mixing charcoal powder and binder(we supply you formula).
    6. Charcoal briquette machine:we supply all kinds of charcoal briquette machine.accordingto your require.
    7. Charcoal briquette dryer:Drying the charcoal briquette and then can packing it directly.(Choose configuration)Click the picture to view all the parameters and detailed introduction of the continuous carbonization production line.

    Our Service
    We are a professional charcoal machine manufacturer in China. We have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing charcoal machines. We can provide you with the following services:
    1. We will provide you with all wearing parts of the equipment for whole life, and give you the best factory price.
    2. After the ship leaves the loading port, when we receive the bill of lading, we will send you the proforma invoice, packing list, certificate of origin and other related documents together for your customs clearance.
    3. Before the equipment is shipped, we will test the machine. After loading the machine into the container, we can send
    the loading picture to you.
    4. We have long-term cooperation with many famous freight forwarder companies. We also provide CE, ISO9001, CO, Form E, COC, CIQ and other certifications to help customers from different countries to clear customs.
    5. We send engineers to your working site to help you install and debug equipment, build factories and train operators, At the same time, the charcoal production technology will be passed on to customers.

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